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 Equitable Education Global Exchange is a study abroad and education globalization nonprofit organization with programs that provide underserved and marginalized students an opportunity to be a part of an immersive learning experience. An experience that would have otherwise not been possible if the financial barrier was not eliminated. By removing any economic hardships, we strive to allow students to see a world outside their own communities so they can really understand how the world works through business, community service, culture, industry, and language. The long-term impact on students having this opportunity allows them a competitive chance in the global workforce and society; which contributes to an equitably diverse working society. In providing these opportunities, it is our goal to bring true equity and inclusion to educational experiences, close economic wealth gaps, unify cross-cultural relations, support overall-health equity, and advance environmental justice and development communities for underserved and marginalized communities around the world.

Global Access Scholars is a transformative study abroad and exchange program designed to eliminate the financial barriers that often hinder marginalized students from accessing international education opportunities. This groundbreaking initiative aims to empower and enable talented students from underrepresented communities to engage in cross-cultural learning experiences, fostering global citizenship and expanding their horizons.
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 Cross-Cultural Connection, is an innovative program aimed at positively impacting marginalized student’s growth by connecting local and global cultural organizations to share their cultural intricacies. Through this program, students from diverse backgrounds have the opportunity to learn from local and global cultural organizations about their customs, traditions, and values. They engage in cross-cultural dialogues, learn about cultural histories, and participate in immersive cultural experiences, fostering empathy, respect, and understanding among participants advancing cultural unification.

DEIB Career Bridge program, is a transformative initiative that partners marginalized high school and college students with corporate organizations and their diverse staff for internship and mentorship opportunities. The program’s goal is to provide students with valuable career and educational experiences that close economic wealth gaps, build their professional network, and grant access to opportunities and experiences historically out of their reach.

Empowering and Nurturing Global Educators to BridgeGaps and Build Futures

A transformative teacher training program that offers a 360-degree approach to education and prepares educators for the ever evolving education landscape. Educators will be taken on a transformative journey, preparing them to navigate the challenges of teaching in diverse classroom settings. With a blend of teaching methodologies (strategies), technology integration, mentorship,and a global mindset, participants become versatile teachers equipped to mitigate the pressing teacher shortage. This program focuses on cultural sensitivity, pedagogical excellence, and a collaborative mindset to cultivate educators while addressing the urgent need for qualified teachers worldwide.

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